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Fence Installation

Fencing around your property isn’t an option, it’s a necessity.
You’ve got to protect your livestock, valuable equipment, and home, commercial or industrial property.

Fortunately, Lapp Fencing & Supply provides expert installation for your kind of fencing; with quality products and prices that fit your budget.

Fencing for all applications from the brands you trust:

  • Agricultural
  • Residential
  • Commercial
  • Industrial
  • State conservation
  • Game control

Choose the fencing style that suits your needs:

  • Deer fence
  • Hi-tensile wire
  • Post and board
  • Slip board
  • Split rail
  • Flexible board fence


Lapp Fence and Supply totally amazed us with the quality of workmanship, the kindness of the crew, and the attention to detail. We are so glad we chose to put in our pasture fence with you - and will be back again!
Justin Rule
Columbia, PA

Installation Services


Set the total lineal footage, position gates and braces, and confirm layout.


Posts are driven in 4′ deep in the ground and set at distances appropriate for your use.


Once posts are placed, the fence is installed and leveled.

our expertise

Fast delivery

Need your fence fast? Let's talk about your product and show you how fast we can get it done.

FENCE inspection

All our work is inspected for defects and ensured to be of highest quality.